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(Another) Movement in may

2013-05-09 17:15:44 by Latroy6

A year has passed since I came here, and i'm right back where I started. Back in my grandma's house. At least this time we have internet, and I even have a job stocking in an army base.

As for my game? I guess its going well
but as I said its going to take a while. good thing is that I'm not starting the scene to the 1st boss lvl and when the lvl itself is done, I can post the demo for people to try and get a feel for.

I'm so into the making of this game, i'm even willing to change my icon to one more into the game's nature as I keep working on it. Now if you pardon me a while, Ill get back to it.


PS: Check out the official "Zackary Ringtail" X-box desktop! Just download it on a flash drive , go on your x-box pic viewer, and choose to make this your background.

(Another) Movement in may

Getting back up

2013-04-18 17:55:52 by Latroy6

I felt a little down when my whole game crew left me on my own to make this game, but due to a few fans comments and some inspiring mail, I remembered how every flash I did so far was all on my own (except the idea plot... you know...)

anyways with this new sight on my work, I been doing a steady amount of progress and have most of the coding and half of the 1st lvl finished. when I am done, Ill post both the 1st and 2nd lvl as a demo, let viewers look foreword the finished product.

Im not going to lie, games take ALOT longer to make then movies, so it make take a while before its done. If anyone would like to help me with it, I can use some lvl designers just contact me for more info.

Until next post


Ps: Heres the tittle menu If you have a nice subtittle other then "the living aminity" just post it in the comment tab and ill consider it.

Getting back up

I'm sunk...

2013-03-19 16:38:23 by Latroy6

1/4th of the year is over and I had so much in store for my game. Sadly, I made little-to-no progress due to the fact that everyone who was sepposed to help me out desided not to.

Without those people the whole story has fallen appart, and with no acters it would just be another silent movie.

I guess Ill just make an arcade vershion of it with no detailed story what so ever.

Since this option is unwanted by myself,I may take alot longer to finish then the other shows I made. All well, look for it if you get the time.


1st post of 2013

2013-01-10 23:21:21 by Latroy6

Its 2013! the Id say th best part of it is that death year is over. take THAT world ending clock!

Anyways, with no more "finisher flashes" I can think of to make, I'm now working on a game full of origanal people, story, and places. This will also most likly be my last project, since spriters like myself get little respect if our work is not playable.

I'd say more, but my really short time on the internet is over.


Ep.5 Results

2012-12-11 00:12:33 by Latroy6

I knew that posting a new show during a viwer bomb was a bad Idea. On the up-side, love triangle 5 is the highest ranked show in the list. -Yay?-

Anyways I'm going to branch out a bit when it comes to my next project. Since sprites only seem to be smiled upon in game form (GBA 4 ep 3 excluded) Im going to make what may be my last series, this time being a game.

No, not like bun-bun hallway hodown. a real game, with levels and voices and what-not!

I only did the 1st half of a the first level,the menu, and most of the opening scene. Doing all this with no internet most of the time and by myself is quite a chore! The coding and movements I mean...

One more thing, this game dosen't have anything to do with sonic. All people who apper in this show are fully original (as far as I know). It will also have custom songs made by my brother and I to make gameplay even better.

Thats all for now. look forword to its release!


PS: Games take longer to make then shows. ALOT longer. sorry to say, but don't expect anything new from me for a while, exept a demo of the 1st round when it's done.

TLT ep.5 is out.

2012-11-05 16:38:08 by Latroy6

I'll keep this short.

The last part of the love triangle series is out. check it out!

I kind of wish that I would have waited until the people where done lowering my other videos, but since that "black ops 2 game is coming out, and im sure there will be prize winning flashes about it. Ill post it before those come out in order to rise chances of people seeing it.

Any news about the show itself is on the "arthor comment" tab when you start the movie.

This is also the last show Im makeing that involves finishing other people work. Im working on making my 1st game now, but have not gone far enough to talk about it yet.

Untill next post.


Viewer bomb!

2012-11-02 13:25:42 by Latroy6

There are perks and fails at being a 1 man film maker, Sadly Im getting the fails right now. I say this since It seems that once again I been targeted to have each thing I made brought down to it's lowest score.

Maybe it's the work of sprite haters saying this site is for anime only? Could be people saying how its a bad idea to finish work that other people wants people like me to finish? ether way, Ill just keep doing my thing, and those fails will turn to perks again. (even if the fails put all the work I did so far at the bottom of the viewer list...)

Anyways, I choose not to do those 4 choice endings I was going to do for ep 5. I am only doing one. This means that the post date has been moved from next year, to this month! (2nd week of next month tops)

Since the Love triangle and GBA Series where the only ones I was planning on finishing, and the fact that those where the only people who WANTED the stuff to be finished by someone other then them, I will be sure to make this the last "finisher flash" Im making.

I already got Ideas for games I can make instead. Since games can be in sprite form, ther will be less chance of it getting viewer bombed too. (unless they just hate me...) I will even try to make my own chars with thir own storys when this game starts being made.

Anyways Im going back to work on ep.5. Only got about 3/4 of a scene to make right now so expect it soon.



Those final scenes

2012-10-12 13:58:05 by Latroy6

So im working on the last scene of Tails Love tirangle ep 5. I would be done with it by now, if it was not for alturnate endings im planning to make?

"Why make more endings" you may ask?

Cuz I dont want half my fans goin "Noo! Tails shuld have gone out with Cosmo!"
Or "you made Tails pick cream??? Screw you!"

There are 4 diffrent endings to this story, 2 to answer every1's questions, and 2 "Twist" endings that may prove quite enjoyable.

Although I may be able to finish it by next month, I would rather post it at the start of next year, so that my "post signing tab thing will have something in it on 2013.

The love triangle series will be the last "show to finish" That Im doing, I would like to work on making a game when this is over, so ill see what I can learn about it whan im done with the show.

Untill next post


Help Wanted

2012-08-21 15:55:25 by Latroy6

So I am leaving this week. Going back to my grandparents house. This means That I will have to stand by the corner of the road with my DS ( Now 3DS ;b ) to get internet bars again. I desided to use this time to see if any one would want to help in the making og Love triangle 5, by making "extras". Ya know... The people who stand around the background or people who say stuff before the main people arrive.

The sprite sheet below is where you can make those icon of people in those "talk boxes". At the lowest peat of the picture, I made an example by remaking Beach Vender girl as seen in Love triangle 4. Copy and paste the sheet below to make one to send back to me, and/or follow the link below to make a person who can appear in the the show.

People sheet: ---- Here

Just send me the pic or a link to your pic in a private message and Ill see if it will be of use.

Note: Make them as normal as possable I don't want people chillin in a park full of powerful looking people with fire arms and stuff.

Also, if you find a "create a..." Sheet like this one, with a more... Gameboy advance look to it, send it to me.

Thats all for now. I look forword to your chars!

PS: I may not be able to reply soon due to the whole "No internet at my grandparents house"

Help Wanted

Movement month comes late.

2012-08-06 13:24:05 by Latroy6

The house Im living in now is too pricy, and my sister decided to move out. Im going to go with her and work as a nanny for my nefu. my mom and bro will will also be leaving the house for a new place too. Since this happends at least once a year, I don't mind going. Besides, I hear there is a pool at the new appartment place Im going to =b.


The news for Love triangle?

I wrote myself into a wall. I know what do to, I just don't know WHERE to do it. Making backgrounds and props are starting to be a problem too. I would have shown what I had so far, but I can't due to my computer's lack of uploading power.

Id also like to make some "extras". You know, people who stand in the back ground to take up space. Theres this useful picture that allows you to make them. Ill see if I can post it before the month is over so if anyone wants to make a person for the story, they can.

There will be requirements in making them, and they will be said If I go about posting the starter pictures.

Thats it for now.