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2012-08-21 15:55:25 by Latroy6

So I am leaving this week. Going back to my grandparents house. This means That I will have to stand by the corner of the road with my DS ( Now 3DS ;b ) to get internet bars again. I desided to use this time to see if any one would want to help in the making og Love triangle 5, by making "extras". Ya know... The people who stand around the background or people who say stuff before the main people arrive.

The sprite sheet below is where you can make those icon of people in those "talk boxes". At the lowest peat of the picture, I made an example by remaking Beach Vender girl as seen in Love triangle 4. Copy and paste the sheet below to make one to send back to me, and/or follow the link below to make a person who can appear in the the show.

People sheet: ---- Here

Just send me the pic or a link to your pic in a private message and Ill see if it will be of use.

Note: Make them as normal as possable I don't want people chillin in a park full of powerful looking people with fire arms and stuff.

Also, if you find a "create a..." Sheet like this one, with a more... Gameboy advance look to it, send it to me.

Thats all for now. I look forword to your chars!

PS: I may not be able to reply soon due to the whole "No internet at my grandparents house"

Help Wanted


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2012-08-21 15:57:11

Strange... Most of the people you can make useing these sheets appear to be girls, but mine kind of looks like a dude. All well!


2012-08-25 17:33:01

I always wanted to know how you made sprites. I hope you can get this message; I wanted to know what program I need to help you with Love Triangle 5. If you think of any programs, just let me know!

Latroy6 responds:

I will need a bit more info then that.

Im ok with you wanting to help with ep 5, but when you say you want to "make" sprites, do you mean "make from scratch"? Or make them in a video?

If you are looking for already finished sprite sheets go to "" (or in my case, "the mystical forest"

in order to use them in a video, you will need a program called "Macromedia Flash". I have Flash 8. I may be able to e-mail it to you if you give me the name. (Or you an just look in youtube and find one yourself, but I recammend the e-mail)

I cant help you when it comes to making the sprites on your own. all my stuff comes from sprite sheets that I put the movement on, any movements that are not on the sheet I just tweek from the photos already on it.

Anyways reply with the e-mail when ya want it.



2012-08-31 19:47:09

Is there any specific program I need to download for this?

Latroy6 responds:

All you need is Micromedia flash

if your looking to join me in my show, i advise you get flash 8. if your not getting it from me, you might be able to google a trial one. I think theres a link to flash on newgrounds too.