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Getting back up

2013-04-18 17:55:52 by Latroy6

I felt a little down when my whole game crew left me on my own to make this game, but due to a few fans comments and some inspiring mail, I remembered how every flash I did so far was all on my own (except the idea plot... you know...)

anyways with this new sight on my work, I been doing a steady amount of progress and have most of the coding and half of the 1st lvl finished. when I am done, Ill post both the 1st and 2nd lvl as a demo, let viewers look foreword the finished product.

Im not going to lie, games take ALOT longer to make then movies, so it make take a while before its done. If anyone would like to help me with it, I can use some lvl designers just contact me for more info.

Until next post


Ps: Heres the tittle menu If you have a nice subtittle other then "the living aminity" just post it in the comment tab and ill consider it.

Getting back up


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