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TLT ep.5 is out.

2012-11-05 16:38:08 by Latroy6

I'll keep this short.

The last part of the love triangle series is out. check it out!

I kind of wish that I would have waited until the people where done lowering my other videos, but since that "black ops 2 game is coming out, and im sure there will be prize winning flashes about it. Ill post it before those come out in order to rise chances of people seeing it.

Any news about the show itself is on the "arthor comment" tab when you start the movie.

This is also the last show Im makeing that involves finishing other people work. Im working on making my 1st game now, but have not gone far enough to talk about it yet.

Untill next post.



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2012-11-06 20:39:06

Aw, dammit. I'm too late! If possible, can you edit the current TLT Ep 5 you have out right now? Because of Hurricane Sandy, I didn't get the chance to send you the Spellcheck.