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Return of Birth-Month

2012-07-02 12:46:34 by Latroy6

I may have said last week I was starting on ep. 5. Turns out I never got around to it, but I did now. All I have done at the moment was the menu and the background for the 1st scene.

What made me take so long to start was me trying to get a new flash maker called "Flash CS4". It allows extra stuff like new V-cam controls, and slpit screen, but each time I try to download it, something makes my internet go out, and I have to wait another 2 days to try it again.

This happened 3 times, and that means 6 days lost, so ill just start making the show on the program I already have.


In other news (as the name says) it's July once again, and my B-day is on the 27th. I'm pretty sure I won't get anything, and nothing happens when you turn 19, but It is still nice to ask to do some fishing like I do every year.

Untill next post

Break Times Over

2012-06-27 10:30:00 by Latroy6

Its been about a week, so it may be time to start on the last epasode of Love triangle.

Im glad the score was as nice as it is, though it may have been more if I did not have so many errors, lucky I now have a pretty talented checker to go over ep.5 when its made.

Though I have not started on it yet, I am getting ready to.

In other news, I had to give up on the whole "Get $600 to get a car idea" I used most of when I had to help my mom with the house, but I was able to use the extra money to get myself a 3DS!

Since I always pay pit on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the first game I got was "Kid Icarus: Uprising". Though the game is hard to play for a left handed person like me, the multi-player is pretty fun! (even if I only won once)

Speaking of super smash bros, It seems that they are making a new one for Wii U and 3DS. I don't have a Wii U, but Im sure enough getting the 3ds one.

Love triangle 4

2012-06-18 14:54:14 by Latroy6

Well it took some time and traveling, but its finally out.

Since the creator said there was going to be 5 before he quited that means there is still one more to make.

Ill be a moment before I start on it. I want to experament with the stuff I have and see if I can maki a mini clip or something. It wont be posted or anything, but if its good, Ill just put it on the dumping grounds.

Hope ya enjoyed the film in the meantime.


Final Waiting Weekend

2012-06-15 19:34:11 by Latroy6

Looks like I was able to finish the video part of the show.

Now all that is left is to add the sound, effects, and credits. This takes little time to finish, so if things keep going as smooth as normal, It should be ready by monday.

untll next post
(hopefully the show's post too)


Final waiting month

2012-06-03 12:26:14 by Latroy6

I have a nack of stalling when im at the end of something

Ether a video game or in this case a flash project, I take longer then need be.
Starting this month, Ill start the day by doing at least 2 farmes a day, but I normaly do more then that.
Im pretty sure the show will be finished and posted before the end of this month, the 1st week of next month tops.

Im not sure if I will make Love triangle 5 as quickly though. Id rather see if the 1st creator will want to make it first, since its the last one and all.

Quick note

2012-05-23 14:17:13 by Latroy6

I found the flash drive,

Im babysitting again with little work time (not much choise anymore)

Since Im so close to finishing Ill just post th full vershion when its done

-Sorry For making this so short, but I have more sitting to do, with no days off...-


Post-poned recap...

2012-05-13 10:59:29 by Latroy6

Ok... as i said before, I was going to give a peek by showing the 1st half of Love triangle this week, sadly my 2-yr old nefu picked my pocket and did something with the flash drive that had my show in it.

Im not too worried, since I know its still in the house, but untill I find it I can't do any work, or post anything.

Hope to find it soon, in the mean time, just bare with me here


Reunited wit te internet!

2012-05-08 15:07:40 by Latroy6

Well my grandma got her car back. Sadly it was right after I spant my 3DS money on food for the famaly.

On the upside. My brother was able to find a new labtop I was able to buy, and now I have full use of the internet at my home again! woo hoo!

to celebrate my lew labtop, and the fact I can post pictures of random sprite moments again, Ill post a peek of the up-coming "Tails' Love triangle 4" on my dumping grounds the following week.

And don.t forget to tune in in a month or 2 for when the full vershion coming up.

Until next post!
(witch will be soon after I buy anti-bug progams for my new labtop)


Happy B-day GBA eps 1 and 2

2012-04-26 20:30:11 by Latroy6

Ok so im about 3 days off. but Its still the same week as the time I posted it. Its also the b-day of my nefu, so thats how I remember it.

Good news is that I have about 1 more scene to make on Love triangle untill the video part is finished.
Bad news is that I will ONLY have the video part done, witch means that will take a little longer for me to put the music and sound effects inside. All and all, I predict that It will be posted in june- tops.

In other news, it seems that wants won over needs, since my grand parents was not about to find the papers that intittles me to the car I got. Now Im back to wondering If I should get that 3ds or that labtop. Or maybe Ill spend 1/4 on "Harvest Moon games (My favorite game series other then Sonic), and use the other 3/4 by getting that gamefly thing from T.V.

Im pointing more twords getting the labtop and just downloading the games anyways so thats an idea.

Anyways Ima just wait for my grandma to give me back my money, in the mean time, I still got the car (at least for a year untill the licence expires).

Untill next post
-Hopefully not in half a month like this one-


Wants VS Needs

2012-04-13 19:05:10 by Latroy6

I still did not get the computer money, But I got to thinking. Doing flash and playing games like Runescape on my soon to be new computer would be great, but it wont get me any closer to getting ahead in life later on. With this in mind I desided that instead of getting the computer, or the 3DS, I used my money to buy my grandma's car for 300$ I already gave her 200, but Im going to wait until I get the paper work done before I give her the rest. If for any reson that don't work, Im expecting at least 150 or the 200$ I gave her.

As for news of Love triangle? Well I been doing slower this week. Playing my DSi, and upgrading my M.U.G.E.N Chars takes time. But I only have 2 scenes to make before the video part of the show is done.

anyways, I guess its back to using my local media center for computer uses (Excluding the Internet-less Labtop I already own.)
Until Next Post!