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Ep.5 Results

2012-12-11 00:12:33 by Latroy6

I knew that posting a new show during a viwer bomb was a bad Idea. On the up-side, love triangle 5 is the highest ranked show in the list. -Yay?-

Anyways I'm going to branch out a bit when it comes to my next project. Since sprites only seem to be smiled upon in game form (GBA 4 ep 3 excluded) Im going to make what may be my last series, this time being a game.

No, not like bun-bun hallway hodown. a real game, with levels and voices and what-not!

I only did the 1st half of a the first level,the menu, and most of the opening scene. Doing all this with no internet most of the time and by myself is quite a chore! The coding and movements I mean...

One more thing, this game dosen't have anything to do with sonic. All people who apper in this show are fully original (as far as I know). It will also have custom songs made by my brother and I to make gameplay even better.

Thats all for now. look forword to its release!


PS: Games take longer to make then shows. ALOT longer. sorry to say, but don't expect anything new from me for a while, exept a demo of the 1st round when it's done.


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2012-12-23 02:13:56

hey great to hear that you're stil on NG, and good luck with you next project.