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I'm sunk...

2013-03-19 16:38:23 by Latroy6

1/4th of the year is over and I had so much in store for my game. Sadly, I made little-to-no progress due to the fact that everyone who was sepposed to help me out desided not to.

Without those people the whole story has fallen appart, and with no acters it would just be another silent movie.

I guess Ill just make an arcade vershion of it with no detailed story what so ever.

Since this option is unwanted by myself,I may take alot longer to finish then the other shows I made. All well, look for it if you get the time.



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2013-03-29 17:27:29

Times like this are hard, you know. But don't let yourself down; besides, the Latroy6 I know is a pro at sprites and flash animation. You got lots of talents, Latroy, don't ever forget that. Just keep your spirits up and I'm sure you can keep that progress that you once started a success. Just remember that!