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Movement month comes late.

2012-08-06 13:24:05 by Latroy6

The house Im living in now is too pricy, and my sister decided to move out. Im going to go with her and work as a nanny for my nefu. my mom and bro will will also be leaving the house for a new place too. Since this happends at least once a year, I don't mind going. Besides, I hear there is a pool at the new appartment place Im going to =b.


The news for Love triangle?

I wrote myself into a wall. I know what do to, I just don't know WHERE to do it. Making backgrounds and props are starting to be a problem too. I would have shown what I had so far, but I can't due to my computer's lack of uploading power.

Id also like to make some "extras". You know, people who stand in the back ground to take up space. Theres this useful picture that allows you to make them. Ill see if I can post it before the month is over so if anyone wants to make a person for the story, they can.

There will be requirements in making them, and they will be said If I go about posting the starter pictures.

Thats it for now.



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2012-08-07 07:58:47

Well at least you're tryin to get stuff do---*Looks at Spelling/Grammar mistakes in post*

I can see that I'm needed more than ever. *Puts on shades*