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Tails and his GBA 4 (all done!)

2010-04-10 12:06:38 by Latroy6

As i said I was going to post this in april and im a man of my word. sadly im going to hold on posting it untill my sister's unborn baby is born, witch is sepposed to be this month.
If by any chance this turns out false i will post it on april 29th 2010.

Looking back it was a HUGE deal, "idky" but for some reson im half deaf and typeing on a Wii proves no help in my spelling (dont worry, the flash itself is fully checked in grammer)

This will be my 2nd flash, and 4th vid I posted. I also made a 2 player co-op game but I don't know if its a good idea to post it...

anyways thats all for now. happy viewing and Ill say if it airs anytime before the date above.

Happy viewing!


Tails and his GBA 4 (all done!)


2010-03-20 12:38:24 by Latroy6

Done! At last my Tails and his GBA flash is finished! (sort of)

I looked in the commets on the real flashes and it says that in each one there are easter eggs inside...

I just want to know what heppens if you find one?

Do you see an extra clips?

extra pics?

or is it just a find it game where nothing heppens.

If anyone can find out or at lest find an egg in the tails and his gba flashes 1-3 then tell me what heppens

That way i can finish my own flash and let the people see it by next month

Happy finding!


Aww MAN!

2010-01-08 08:00:20 by Latroy6

Good news and bad news...

The good news is that yet another part of the movie I been working too long on is fine but I still got work to do on it.

The bad news is that my internet is going away soon, so I won't be able to contenue the show for a month or two.

I still got a thumb drive so I'll just get the stuff I need to keep makeing some parts at least. Oh! but before i go, I need to ask anyone who can read this.
Do anyone know how I can get any "Megaman battle network 1-6" music on flash? Each one I got would not be read by my flash 8 program. It also seems that other sounds are starting to not be read too.

Well i hope to get some info at one point or another.



Aww MAN!

not over-doing it.

2009-11-27 14:24:31 by Latroy6

Now I know why that one person stop making the flash, Im taking alot longer then I wanted to makeing this, and even though my recording sucks I would rather use voises, and I got the 1st part done so now I can get back to work. Anyways I got more stuff to do, and the flash won't be done in a while,

to anyone who read this may someone tell me how I can put a flash on youtube? I keep trying to convert but no progress

Ok then laters


ending an old classic

2009-11-07 12:19:24 by Latroy6

one of the 1st things i saw on newgrounds was a film called "tails and his gba" sence the normal creator is done makeing them and said anyone elce can finish it ill deside to do it! i got the starting done already so i think things might go well during the time it takes for me to finish

lurning flash

2009-10-23 06:06:15 by Latroy6

well, i do like the fact my 2nd vid made more news then my 1st but im done with moviemaker, so now im trying to use flash, in return it may be longer till my newest vid come out, but better a good vid in more time then a bad one in less time right?