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Viewer bomb!

2012-11-02 13:25:42 by Latroy6

There are perks and fails at being a 1 man film maker, Sadly Im getting the fails right now. I say this since It seems that once again I been targeted to have each thing I made brought down to it's lowest score.

Maybe it's the work of sprite haters saying this site is for anime only? Could be people saying how its a bad idea to finish work that other people wants people like me to finish? ether way, Ill just keep doing my thing, and those fails will turn to perks again. (even if the fails put all the work I did so far at the bottom of the viewer list...)

Anyways, I choose not to do those 4 choice endings I was going to do for ep 5. I am only doing one. This means that the post date has been moved from next year, to this month! (2nd week of next month tops)

Since the Love triangle and GBA Series where the only ones I was planning on finishing, and the fact that those where the only people who WANTED the stuff to be finished by someone other then them, I will be sure to make this the last "finisher flash" Im making.

I already got Ideas for games I can make instead. Since games can be in sprite form, ther will be less chance of it getting viewer bombed too. (unless they just hate me...) I will even try to make my own chars with thir own storys when this game starts being made.

Anyways Im going back to work on ep.5. Only got about 3/4 of a scene to make right now so expect it soon.




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2012-11-02 13:29:41

ok! So i missspelled a few words, Theres no time for spell check in the timer media center Im at right now...