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Those final scenes

2012-10-12 13:58:05 by Latroy6

So im working on the last scene of Tails Love tirangle ep 5. I would be done with it by now, if it was not for alturnate endings im planning to make?

"Why make more endings" you may ask?

Cuz I dont want half my fans goin "Noo! Tails shuld have gone out with Cosmo!"
Or "you made Tails pick cream??? Screw you!"

There are 4 diffrent endings to this story, 2 to answer every1's questions, and 2 "Twist" endings that may prove quite enjoyable.

Although I may be able to finish it by next month, I would rather post it at the start of next year, so that my "post signing tab thing will have something in it on 2013.

The love triangle series will be the last "show to finish" That Im doing, I would like to work on making a game when this is over, so ill see what I can learn about it whan im done with the show.

Untill next post



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2012-10-14 03:48:22

I love Sonic.