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preparing for x-mas break

2010-12-16 20:36:13 by Latroy6

well its this time of the year again, the hollodays are here and i get much more free time, sadly i dont think i can hold up on finishing tails and his gba by the end of this year.

On the upper side to proove im still doing it and some lazy dude giveing false hope, i placed scene 1 and the start of scene 2 of tails and his gba in my dumping grounds for people to see.

Oh and before i forget ive also been working on remakeing one of me first, lower qualaty videos, your welcome to watch that to and say if it looks any better then the normal vid compared to the flash virshion im makeing now

Happy viewing


PS:moveing thingss around the house made me rush this, sorry if anything is misspelled.

Back in game (sort of)

2010-11-10 17:54:44 by Latroy6

The good news is that my projects I have to work on in school are starting to lower, allowing me to be able to start working on gba2 again, and its about time! I was even abke to get a x-box 360 and some online games.

Anyways I will get right on to makeing this after so long of doing nothing (or im doing this since my videos are getting a lower grade then I remember. It may be from a little comment I recall sending sombody some time ago).

Anyways I got work to do so long.


gba update (again)

2010-09-19 01:45:27 by Latroy6

well things are going, things are coming i finished the 1st part of gba2 so im doing well, im not sure if it will be better since i have to get all my sprites and songs and stuff from school (and the blocks are really not helping). ether way its a steady going prosess and i hope to keep it that way.

thats all for now,



PS: sorry about my spelling i have a reall bad head pain and cant focus enough to correct myself...

Flash stats and art request

2010-09-04 13:26:41 by Latroy6

Had much less trouble making the 1st GBA flash. Guess its cuz I had something to base the story on.
Don't worry i have the story set out and finish the preloader, menu, and all that stuff so i can get to work on the film its self. Doing task like that is easy, doing it with no Internet is hard! i can hardly get any songs or sprites i need to use this. Sure i can get some from school but most of the sites are blocked and i can only get music and stuff when i go to a friends or a place with Internet like i am now. Anyways since i started and got all the starting stuff i will press on!

As the tittle says I'm having a few art problems i want to ask anyone to heed my request.
Now some times when I'm making my films or games or what ever i suddenly think of what i think is a nice picture and I make it using the sprites i have on me, i asked my older brother if he can redraw it maybe in an anime or manga format or those nice looking pictures i seen. Well the first picture id like to see remade is shown below (its the 3rd one since I'm not able to remake the other two yet) anyways i hope that somebody can take a look at this and remake it for me and the rest of the world to enjoy. If by any chance you do do it and you won't post it here feel free to send it to my e-mail at at

Thats it for now, hope for some help, if nothing enjoy the picture as is.


Flash stats and art request

Back to school with GBA Ep.2

2010-08-16 01:06:46 by Latroy6

I've been thinking, this year in southwest high its going to be my last 6 months by I'm a grad. in my high school there must have been a computer error but i gone up 2 grades, and i only have 3 classes to do instead of 4, plus i only have to do half of the year everyone elce does! I'm going to see if i can use the 1hr and 30 mins to finish the GBA remake I'm making (thanks again to the clock) and i was able to fix my moms computer to the point i can at lest get some programs to work (flash being one of them) to work on it as i get home, sadly I cant say as much on my progress as i did with the 1st one cuz my internet is going out 1 day after i made this post. well since my moms still thinks this thing is broken I'm gunna assume this laptop is now mine woohoo!

anyways i hope to have it to you by the end of the 1st simester or at lest the end of the year.




2010-07-10 16:09:37 by Latroy6

Well it happened. My mom computer broke so bad she won't even let me use it any more. Whats worse is my brother's labtop brakes in the car on the way to mississippi so now I have NO computer to do any work at all on...

It really sucks since I still had about 3 good flash ideas I wanted to do. any ways im computerless, meaning im flashless. Sorry to say, but I can't make any more things untill I get a new flash resourse. Hope you at lest like the ones I made now, and I hope to make at lest 3 more to come in my return.

farwell for now


PS: I typed this on my wii if you are wondering.

Tech problums

2010-06-29 20:24:12 by Latroy6

well it heppend again, my 1st computer I used to make vids brake, then my brother brakes the other computer my moms have. i can still use it but she takes it with her most of the time andi can get like 4 secs of film a day. bad luck? maybe but as long as i have a chance ill keep pressing on!

My b-days coming on 7/27, hows about giveing a lil somthing - somthing huh!? i don't mind if ya don't, just fun to ask.

thats it for now.


Procrastination Power

2010-05-29 09:25:47 by Latroy6

Man I sure am working on many things lately. I want to finish making my Tails and Amy chars in my M.U.G.E.N game, id like to make a game in flash, I need to start on Mushroom Force, and I'd like to play my gamboy advance games online useing this program called Hamachi. ether way i have a lot on my plate right not, but any flash work cant be done with my dumb windows 2000 laptop. and my windows xp computer broke and dont have a repair disc! Im now evensure if my hamachi will work online, yet alone all the other online games I enjoy playing.

well ill just solve one thing at a time (evenchualy)
wish this lazy bones luck



Procrastination Power

Mushroom Force

2010-05-12 16:30:58 by Latroy6

sorry for taking so long, my net went out again.

Im glad to say that tails and his GBA 4 Ep:1 is now the best thing on my account woo-hoo!

The newest flash i will soon start working on is called Mushroom Force, based on the info in from the

dude wanting me to make this, its going to be something real close to the Dragon ball Z remake thing.

To be more unique however, I'm going to try to make it more into a command game, kind of like

kingdom Hearts reaction commands.

And since i was not able to before Id like to tell the world happy mothers day, i hope it went well for

Thats all for now, untill next time!



Mushroom Force

Tails and his GBA on air

2010-04-30 06:32:01 by Latroy6

As i said before I will be posting it on April 29th 2010 , or when my sister's son is born.

Turns out he was born two says before my deadline. Who knew!?

Anyway I wanted to put all I remember of Tails and his GBA and keep going where it left off. seeing how it has been only one day and it is more popular then all my other shows I take i did a pretty good job then.

Along with the people I gave thanks to in the comment page, I would also like to thank my older brother
Ronderrick (Reokouseki) for telling me his idea for the "sonic dance" part of the flash.

Thats it for now. im going on brake for a bit, it may take a LONG time like it took to make this to make
my next Flash, but from request ill start on the new idea for a show, "Mushroom Force"

Happy viewing!


Tails and his GBA on air