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Last curse of the new year

2011-12-29 20:10:44 by Latroy6

I looked online one day and saw that this is the "Year of the rabbit". On the Chinese Zodiac scale Im a Rooster, and it says that roosters don't go well with rabbits. Maybe thats the reson my luck was so crappy this year. but its almost over so I have something to look forword to.

This post is just to morn my dog Cocoa who sliped out the house without anybody knowing, at the time that JUST SO HAPPENS to be the first cold rainy night all month. Theres also the biggest pomeranian I ever seen wondering around the hood, so that is not good for hope.

Whats worse is that it happend ONE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!

I don't want to bum everybody out with my news so ill make my next post after new years.

Untill next post!

8/13/11 - 12/26/11

Last curse of the new year


2011-12-25 17:00:22 by Latroy6

I took some time off flash to do other things.

I wish I haden't...

1st since my nefu is back, it cuts into what time I have when im not taking care of my dog.

2nd was when I tryed my bro's 360. I played Skyrim for a while, then I played a game called "Worms ultemate mayham", but when it did,my tv shorts out so now it only shows white and red.

Last was getting ready 4 x-mas
I was going to trade my DSI for a 3-DS, but as soon as we get there they don't do the offer any more.

Now x-mas is here and I got no gift since EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my whole famaly got thir name picked in the secret santa thing but me, so I got nothing.

All and all... This year sucked!
but complaining about it is aginst my old years resaloshion, so Im just going to say "Better luck next year".

And dont worry about me, even my luck is non-existant, my house is falling upart, and nothing goes my way, Im pretty cool with it, and (hopefully) its going to be smooth sailing from here on.

Until next year!


Sooner better then later? 2

2011-12-11 13:15:23 by Latroy6

Remember when i said "since i had no computer I had no music, and therefore did not know how much space i was working with"?
Well now that I added the music the amount of space jumped from 3.3mb to 7.4mb. With only 2.6mb space to work with Ima have to just finish this as quick as I can.
But with my normal computer slowly crashing to the point of no use, Im doing what I can to get it done. who knows? it may be finished by christmas, but im not holding my breath.

Is sooner REALLY better then later?

2011-12-07 18:15:24 by Latroy6

Sorry for not being on as often as before. With babysitting,dogsitting,and normal things it was hard to find time to post this.

Anyways GBA ep3 is going well, but I may have made it too wordy. Im shortening it for space and with no computer to add sound in Im not even sure how much more I can make.

Since this is (what im guessing) as going to be the last GBA show, I wanted to be a little more creative on what goes on. I desided to make the movie part normaly, but near the end or middle you will get the chance to play the game they arrived in! I already started and its going well. its over half done.

Now I just have a question about it.

Do I finish the game part and try to make a movie part of a diffrent game? or do i just finish the game part as detailed as I can and wrap up the story when its done?

If I do that. Im pretty sure I can post it next mont. But if I add a diffrent game option like in the first 3 there will be another story, but the show wont come out no later then apil.

Any Ideas?


As i said i was going to give a sneek peak of what i had and im a man of my word. since my sister got a computer and is letting me use it, I got this demo virson of the show if you want to see the full virson...
well gues you godda wait!

=b-Click here for the sneek peek demo-

PS: A good thing about haveing a computer again is posting pics! now everybody do the twin tail!

Is sooner REALLY better then later?

Mixed priorities

2011-11-04 11:02:53 by Latroy6

More things happening at the same time that I have to figure out.

First I got a dog a few weeks ago. (her name is choca, and looks like the dog off that movie the mask.)

I also been working on my M.u.g.e.n chars along with this new program I heard about called "OpenBOR". think of it as playing streets of rage or any "Beat-em-up" game you know, but useing any person from any game you want.

Of corse we cant forget about GBA too. I found out what games to use and If I mess up I got ones to fall back on. I will not say what ones I chosen, but the names of the ideas' givers will be listed on the credits menu. Who knows? If I have any more space I can fill it with easter egg clips of other games they could have gone in.

On lighter news, a new libary came near where I live. so I can get a drive there sometimes to get songs and upload stuff. My brother is even trying to get "Sonic Generations" since skyrelm has not came out yet. but I prefer he used the money to save up for a computer, so I can do more on my stuff, and avoid all this travel time.

Anyways since my other folks are working and leaveing me here to dog-sit allmost every day, and my sister, along with my nefu coming this month. I once again got alot on my plate.

I best get started now...


Happy Holloween

2011-10-31 09:32:56 by Latroy6

Shame im 18 and can't go out trick-or-treeting any more. On the up side, my bro brought 15 boxes of candy bars and I get 3 of them.

Hes not planning on handing them out, but at least im happy with mine! lol

Question to GBA fans

2011-10-20 23:20:04 by Latroy6

with out the songs i keeps saying i needed my progress makeing GBA3 is going really slow, but you already know that...

since I'm at the part where they go into the last game I wanted to ask...

If you can name 2 gameboy and 2 DS games for them to go into, what would they be?

Im only planning on useing 2 but most likely it will be like GBA2 and only have one game.

NOTE: I won't have my sound affects for a while, so feel free to post you answers as time goes by. I'm not starting any time soon (not that I don't want to)...

"Un" Needed rest time

2011-09-26 09:39:32 by Latroy6

Im at a full scale stand still. No its not from programer's block its just that with no computer that has internet it means I still cant get any sprites or music, but mostly the music.
I tryed to make due by useing some songs i had on me at the time, but without the power to lower the amount of space it takes by useing the internet, the music i put in the flash placed the amount of memory from 1.2MB, to 12.7MB and thats only from 2 scenes!
It seems that untill I get a way to put the music in the show i cant keep makeing the video part. The last thing I want is to make a full fanally and make it a silent film due to the fact that it was more then 10MBs. All well it seems my sister and her son never came, but since everybody but me has a job, and with no flash work I can do, right now, it gets pretty boreing here sometime...

I got nothing much left to say now, to any M.U.G.E.N fans i made another person, but since ihave no computer with posting power I see no point in talking about it.

All well, guess im on brake (If i want to or not)


Income month: September

2011-08-26 17:05:14 by Latroy6

Well it seems that Carrer month "pays" off (no pun intended), but sadly end the end I was the onle one in my house who did NOT get a job. Luckly since my older brother got a job at a store called "Dirt Cheep" (go figure...) along with the fact that he gets payed every week it helps me to.
I'd say the two best things are as follows:

1:He is getting my x-box live account on gold stats so i can play online again.

I also have a wii with a few online games too if anybody wants to join in it or x-box 360 games too.

2:He is paying the T.V and internet bills witch means i dont have to wait in the heat of summer once a month anymore!

With these new events turning for the better I wanted to use my computer to show a beta test of GBA3 on my dumping grounds for people to see and give advice on. Sadly, since my computer is too old (yes the 3$ one), it means I STILL cant get sprites or music or the ability to post, share, or get anything on the internet so all this is not really helpfull for my progress.

All and all it looks like my bad luck storm clouds going away, but it may be comeing back since starting september my 1yr old (computer hitter) nefu and my older sister, will be crashing at our house for a bit.
Lets just hope things don't take a turn for the worse...

Untill next post -that may be sooner then next month since I got my internet back-

-Quick question-
Did anybody hear of the earthquake in Jacksonville? I moved here from there during my "Movement in May" post a few months back, and also I hear that was a storm there one week later.
I don't know whay it's heppening there but I sure hope it was not my falt.
Im sorry I left that state but you don't have to go all natural desaster on it!

Career month - August

2011-07-27 14:15:05 by Latroy6

Fall is here again with means schools coming, leafs falling and less heat when going out to find signals to post these!

Good thing about this is many of my little famaly members are gone so less mistakes happen, also since im 18 im going to start pulling my share around my house (after getting an ID card and paper work done.

The best part is since i finished school this year im free to work while others go (untill i get a job of corse)

GBA is going swell too, 2nd scenes almost done but im not too sure what last game to put them in yet.
I also got some needed sprites but now i need to find a way to get music...

Well its still good not to have AS MUCH bad luck then when i moved in so lets keep it that way!

Untill next post