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Waiting for my labtop

2012-04-10 11:14:43 by Latroy6

Sorry for not talking for a while. I'm waiting to get my last payment for watching my nefu again. Is is supposed to be this week, but due to matters too private to talk about, it may be another 2-3 weeks until I get it.

After getting the pay, Ill have enough to get my own computer, so Ill try to hold off on the post untill then.

Freedom is (Bitter) Sweet

2012-03-20 14:11:37 by Latroy6

My sister choose to take her son to some people to take care of him while she is at work, Witch means that I don't have to babysit no more.

Of course... Im back to haveing no job-like things to do, along with no pay, and I only had to save a bit more to get that 3ds. Boo.

Anyways I only got about 3 more scenes before love triangle is done, and there is nothing slowing me down at the moment. It's good to know that I might be able post 2 shows the same year. or maybe I'm just rushing becuse I want to hurry up and start on my own thing. ether way, I have alot of time to do it.

Untill next post.


Steady Progress

2012-03-07 19:06:15 by Latroy6

I spant alot of time working, anf with the 2nd scene done I am doing alot more at a time then normal.

Of course since I started makeing the next show, a few bad things are starting to heppen again. En example is my sister's Labtop brakeing down. Lucky for me that the 3$ one I have still works. Anyways, I just finished 2 out of 6 scenes and its time to start on the 3rd (When not bsbysitting of course).

Untill next post!

Back to work!

2012-02-25 13:07:17 by Latroy6

Ok Ill admit...

Due to worrying about later times I did not make any more progress in Love triangle 4, but im starting to now.

I wish I would have did more sooner. My sister hired me as her son's baby sitter for $60 a week. Its the closest thing to a job I ever had, so I have to spend more time with him then my computer.

Its strange that when I finished GBAep3 all my time was free, but now that I have a new project THATS when people need me for stuff. All well Im just complaining now (and stalling a bit).

Ima start now. hope to get about half the first scene done by march.

Untill next post!


Breaking the Silence

2012-02-22 17:00:51 by Latroy6

More good and bad news.

The good news is that I started working on "Tails' Love Triangle, and finished the menu, starting on the first scene.

The bad news:
The orignal creator quit newgrounds long ago. He haven't even put a new flash pic icon on his shows yet.

This got me thinking...
If the shows and his account remain how they are, the site might get rid of the account. If the account goes away, the shows he made goes away. If the shows go away by the time I finish, then the series will start with "Love tirangle ep 4". Without the 1st three, mine would make no since.

Im still working on it but not as much. Im wondering if I should even do it with the risk of the 1st three going away.

With this in mind, I think Im going to try some side-projects instead, and see when it is best to start ep 4.

(There are 5 flashes in all, so Im was planning on makeing the last 2).

Anyways thats my problem, feel free give advice.


Trying the new updates

2012-02-11 17:59:44 by Latroy6

The new updates are great and all, but it almost seems like the only things I don't know about it are the most impacting.

I posted GBA ep3 today (Not expecting any rewards or front pagers but all well). I made a mistake and posted it twice. Now I have one that's puplished, and one still in preview mode. How do I get rid of that?

Also, I understand that I can't post any more moving pics, but I can't seem to post ANY more pics. Also, all but 2 of my flash pics where lost too. I fixed those though.

I'm just going to assume that all the updates are not finished so I'll wait a few days before trying to post a new profile pic.

Anyways, Now that I finished GBA3, I can start on more original work, although spriters like me are slowly being pushed out of newgrounds from what I'm told. My brother said I should finish "Tails' Love triangle" next. Im not holding my breath though.

Feel free to ask if you need help or a worker for your shows. (It's almost boring having all this free time...


Fullfilled request

2012-01-30 20:59:12 by Latroy6

I said last post for help with spell check. I did not know I was getting internet back the same day, so now thanks to the power of the internet, all flash bugs (as far as I know) are gone.

Im planning on posting it soon, some time from the 3rd to the 15 of next month.

Untill then!

My Final GBA request

2012-01-30 16:58:19 by Latroy6

As I said the last two post. "Tails and his GBA3" is done (or at least as much as the 10 mb limit with compressions would let me).
The only problem is that Im not the BEST speller, and my normal helpers can't help me since I moved, so im makeing this request.

Im asking people to be my "Spell checkers", witch means that those who accept will be some of the 1st people to see the show!
Those who find an error that me, or any of the other checkers did not see will be rewarded with a place in the ending credits for them.
I'll advice you to reply soon, since the more people to find an error before you, the harder it will be to have your name added in the credits.

Pm me if your interested, and ill give you a current copy.

Ckeckers have 1 day to reply with the report untill it is passed to the next one.

Contest Planned to end on 2/8/12 (sooner if most-to-all mistakes are found)

Happy finding!

Curse Lifted?

2012-01-27 00:08:18 by Latroy6

Im all setteled in at the new house, and things are seeming to be alot better!

I dont know if it was my old house, the year itself, or bad luck from doing GBA EP 3, but what ever it was, Im not doing eather of the three becuse Im out of my old house, the old year is over, and I finished GBA3!

It won't be posted any time soon however, since I still have no internet on my computer to post it (im useing my sisters phone right now).

In the end Im really happy I moved here, dispite the face I got no cable in my room, and the cable people havent came the last 5 days ( and counting). The bugs I see at night are HUGE, but its still better then my old place. I even heard that someone died on my old street like 2-5 weeks after I left.

Ya, Thaat place was REALLY not worth staying at...

Anyways Ill keep waiting for that internet, witch means yall will be waiting for the last GBA to come out. Strange how that works huh?

Untill next post!

New start for the new year

2012-01-09 14:49:38 by Latroy6

Last year sucked! ever since I moved to mississippi so many things gone wrong, but it seems things may be looking up now.

For starters. We are moveing out of that deathtrap of a house of mine, for a multi-room one. Its nice to get my own room back, but I wont have a TV. All well, more time for flash work I guess.

Also With no dog to take care of anymore, It lets me focus more on my nefu so he don't get in as much stuff to mess wth.

Anyways, I got some packing to do. Not sure when my internet will kick in at my new place, so Ill hold off the posting for now.


New start for the new year